Hostel feasibility study

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Hostel feasibility study

Causative factors may also be identified and evaluated along several other dimensions. Sometimes Hostel feasibility study of resources may cause or contribute to the development of the problem.

Resources may be either financial, educational, health, recreational or housing etc. It is the very form of the system organisation working as a factor in causation or precipitation of the problem?

This includes the internal organisation of individuals, families, agencies and other relevant systems, and communities. The single-parent family; ii. A very small house for a very large family; iii. A lack of understanding regarding who makes decisions; iv.

Feasibility Studies

Too much concentration of power in one person or sub-system; v. Imbalance in the membership of a small group, or committee, or city council etc. Is the system an open or closed one?

Is there dysfunctional ineffective or contradictory or hostile communication pattern? What can be the reasons for this? Are there marked cultural or sub-cultural differences within the system family or other units or between the relevant systems?

How do these contribute to the problem? What bearing do these have on communication patterns, decisions making, and on attitudes and behaviours of the client. What is the relationship of the stage of development of the particular client system to the nature of the problem?

How does it relate, for instance, to family structure and communication patterns? To what extent does the newness or the long existence of an organisation have a bearing on the flexibility or rigidity of the organisation? To what extent do political forces have a bearing on the problem?

To what extent do such factors as use of power, power struggles, competition, ability to tolerate and resolve conflict, needs to gain more power or to bring about changes in the location of power, etc. To what extent are emotions and behaviours per se, or in relation to the problem with which the client is struggling dysfunctional inappropriate or inadequate?

For example, resourcefulness vs. Are there internal forces within personality which tap the available energies for problem-solving? Are the problems related to different values and beliefs held by various individuals or sub-systems components of the system, and between the system and its environment?

What are the influences, here, of cultural and sub-cultural background, and life aspirations? What is the history and what are the traditions?

Hostel feasibility study

To what extent do these aspects have a bearing on the problem? How is the value and belief system of the social worker perceived by the client system and to what extent does this affect problem-solving efforts?

Social Casework Processes: Study and Diagnosis

Social caseworker should use these guidelines for collection of data and prepare diagnosis based on the interpretation of the facts collected. Intervention Plan and Goal Setting: The purpose, for which social study and psycho-social assessment diagnosis are undertaken, is casework intervention treatment.

The first stage in intervention treatment involves planning. The questions to be answered by the worker at this stage are: The aptitude, skills and knowledge of the individual worker may promote the treatment helping process or impede it.

It is also important to re-emphasise that the treatment plans are always conditioned by the age, health, culture, mores, values, opportunities, agency policy and community as well as broad societal forces.

In addition, the caseworker has to be aware of his own norms and values and needs so that they are used constructively and do not interfere with the helping treatment process. Treatment plans are clearly related to certain objectives.

Among these are the following: To restore or improve social functioning and increase capacity for self-direction; 2. To prevent deterioration and conserve strength; and 3.

Hostel feasibility study

To create opportunities for growth and development. Goals are not static. They are in a process of becoming. Some of the first steps taken to help a case may determine or even become initial or final goals.Feasibility Studies Using our detailed market knowledge and research coupled with our proprietary financial models CBRE Hotels advises on the appropriate development scheme and helps optimize returns offering solutions, strategies and alternatives to strengthen your hotel business decision process.

Latest Civil Engineering Seminar Topics, PPT , Civil Engineering Seminar Topics Including Latest Topics, Smart Structures, Materials, Concrete Technology. To reveal the market feasibility and financial viability of the proposed hotel OBJECTIVES: Some of the main objectives of the study of the project are: • To determine the marketing feasibility & Financial Viability of a proposed hotel 5/5(49).

Building ~ Sun Valley Hostel Feasibility Study 1 The Sun Valley Hostel ~ An Opportunity for Affordable Lodging Dear Buck & JoAnn, The purpose of this feasibility study is to analyze the major. The Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines) constituted under Institute of Technology Act, is administered through IIT Council-the apex body, Government of India under the Chairmanship of Honourable Minister, MoHRD for uniform and smooth governance of Pan-IIT in our country.

U.S. HOTEL APPRAISALS MARKET AND FEASIBILITY STUDY OF A PROPOSED HOTEL – CHANDLER, TX TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter Title 1 Executive Summary 2 Neighborhood and Market Area Analysis 3 Hotel Market Trends 4 Review of Proposed Facility 5 Projection of Occupancy and Average Rate.

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